cherry pickings!

a little bit of everything all rolled into a cherry, that is not necessarily sweet. you've been warned.

but first, coffee!
Sillage, a word for remembering small moments destined to be lost.

And it’s too cold, it’s too cold..
The holes on my sweater.
can’t just come across a beautiful quote that speaks to you and not immortalize it (on a tissue paper i know. don’t judge). #currentlyreading The Beginning of Everything and liking it so far.
Happy 7th year anniversary @_fullybooked BGC! You will always be my favorite. #lategram  (at Fully Booked High Street)
Last night at the #MegaManMagazine launch.
out toniiiight. yay!  (at Raven Manila)
haven’t showered for two days now so i wasn’t actually surprised when these flowers sprouted from my head. #medyoOA #soboredcanyoutell #iwannadrink
I, to you, am lost in the gorgeous errors of flesh.

{c/o : brendan goco}
taking a break from contemporary young adult literature. first time also to have seen the film first. #AmericanGangster #FrankLucas

meet the new additions to our family 😍🐶🐹 #petstagram

hug season.
In case you missed it. #Linsanity to #Lakers. #PauGasol to #ChicagoBulls. #Melo stays with #NYKnicks and #Lebron goes back to #Cleveland.