cherry pickings!

a little bit of everything all rolled into a cherry, that is not necessarily sweet. you've been warned.

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Everything hurts.
Dinner plus 🍻 for two!  (at Tipsy Pig Gastropub)
Team Fullmoon last Saturday night.💋
I go out wearing pants now. 😜 #wiwt  #vscocam  (at Distillery, Eastwood City)
spending Sunday with this one.
may nagpa-pancit sa Distillery. hahah! happy birthday Marky!

For other Gifs —

“She left me the way people leave a hotel room. A hotel room is a place to be when you are doing something else. Of itself it is of no consequence to one’s major scheme. A hotel room is convenient. But its convenience is limited to the time you need it while you are in that particular town on that particular business; you hope it is comfortable, but prefer, rather, that it be anoymous. It is not, after all, where you live.”

—   Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye (via quoted-books)
checked off the reading list: #TheCatastrophicHistoryOfMeAndYou #vscobooks